How to Create a Gift Card Request


This article demonstrates how to create a Gift Card Request for both:

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

1. Watch the Concur: Creating a Gift Card Request

Video: Creating a Gift Card Request (click above image)
Script: Concur: Creating a Gift Card Script

2. Review the written steps below

The following content is the same as what is covered in the video, only presented in a different format.

1. Log into Concur
2. Select Request, then New Request
3. In the Request Header tab, in Request Type, select Card and Payment Products Request
4. In Payment Product Type, select

a. UCSD Gift Cards (Awards/Recognition), for a Gift Card for an Employee or Non-Employee
b. UCSD Human Subject Payments, for a Gift Card for Human Subject Compensation

5. Complete entering all required information pertaining to Card Request:
If you have questions on what to enter in Fund, Financial Unit or Function, speak with your Fund Manager

a. Date
b. Request Name
c. User Type
d. Fund
e. Financial Unit
f. Function
g. Approver
h. Business Purpose: add supporting details about the request

6. Click Save

7. Select the Expenses tab

a. On the right side of page, select Expense Type, either:

Employee or Non-Employee Gift/Prize/Award or
Gift Cards HS-payments
b. If cards are for different denominations, will need to repeat Steps #9 or #10, dependent on Expense Type

8. On the Expense tab, for Employee or Non-Employee Gift/Prize/Award, complete the following fields:

a. Expense Type, populated by step #7

b. Type of Gift Card

c. Amount of Each Gift Card

c. Number of Gift Cards Needed

d. Comments

9. On the Expense tab, for Gift Cards HS-payments, complete the following fields:

a. Expense Type, populated by step #8

b. Amount of Each Gift Card

c. Number of Cards Needed

d. Mail Code

e. Project Number

f. IRB approved project?

g. Project certified exempt from IRB?

h. PI Name

i. Will individual receive $600 or more in a calendar year?

j. Department Coordinator Name

k. Department Coordinator Email

l. Department Coordinator Phone

m. Comment

10. Add all Attendees, e.g. Gift Card recipients, to the Request

11. In Attendees, click on Advanced Search

12. In Choose an Attendee Type, select Attendee type

13. In Last Name and First Name, enter name, click Search

14. Click Add to Expense

15. Repeat Steps #13-14, when completed adding Attendees, close dialog box

16. Click Save, an Expense line will now populate on the left side of the page

17. Note the $1.15 charge added per card

18. Add Attachments for Gift Cards HS-payments, select Attachments, Add Attachments

19. In Document Upload and Attach, select Browse, select file, click Upload, close dialog box

How to Add Expenditure Type for Projects

1. On lower right of Expense Details section, select Allocate

2. In Allocations > Request List, select the Expense(s), then select Allocate Selected Expenses

3. In Allocations, scroll to the right and enter the Expenditure Type, for example, you may use:

a. Employee Gift Cards = 536200

b. Non-Employee Gift Cards = 536300

c. Gift Cards - HS Payments = 535100

4. For more information on Allocation and splitting costs across different chartstrings, see this KB article How to Allocate Expenses in Concur 

5. To learn more about editing Allocations as an Approver, see this KB article How to Edit and Review CoA Information as an Approver

6. You can select Add New Allocation to split the Allocations across Funding sources

7. The New Allocation line will replicate the original Funding source, enter new Funding source on 2nd or subsequent lines

8. Click Save to confirm updates

9. Click Submit Request, then Accept and Submit

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494