How to Create a PO Change Order in Oracle Procurement


This article teaches how to create a Change Order (C/O) on an existing Purchase Order (PO), and also how to decipher when to complete this process instead of issuing a new Purchase Order.

Essential Information

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Navigate to the Requisition

  1. Go here
  2. Click Company Single Sign-On.
  3. Click Procure to Pay
  4. Click Purchase Requisitions
  5. Click Manage Requisitions
  6. Search for the requisition and click on it.
    1. For guidance on how to use Manage Requisitions, refer to the KB0032064: Introduction to Oracle Procurement.

Editing a Purchase Order 

  1. From the Requisition document, click on Actions then Edit Order.
  2. The top half of the request form can be edited by clicking the pencil icon next to a line item.
    1. For orders with multiple POs issued select the desired line and click the pencil icon to edit that line.
  3. On the Lines tab of the change order screen, you can edit the Price and Quantity of your order if you’ve ordered with a request form.
  4. The lower half of a request form can be edited by clicking on the attachment next to the line item and downloading the text file referencing the additional form information.
    1. Edit the information on the text file
    2. Delete the original file
    3. Attach the new text file
  5. Cancel lines by selecting the line you wish to cancel and selecting Cancel Line from the actions menu. Repeat this action on each line you wish to cancel.
    1. Only items which have not been invoiced can be canceled.
  6. On the Distributions tab you can edit the charge account associated with each line.
    1. New split charges can be created by clicking the two arrows and then the split icon.
    2. Changes to the charge account can only be made via this method if no invoices have been processed against the line.
    3. You can also edit the distribution fields by scrolling to the right.

Complete and Submit the Form

  1. Once completed, at the top right of the page, click Add to Cart.
  2. At the top right, click the Shopping Cart icon, then Review to begin the submission process.
    1. For guidance on the Checkout process, please refer to KB0032058: How to Checkout in Oracle Procurement.
  3. For orders over 100K please add a new SSPRFJ within the Attachments section
  4. Once you’ve finished with your changes, enter a summary of changes in the Description field at the top and click Submit. Please ensure this description is succinct and helpful as it will be visible on the Purchase Order page and sent to the supplier.
  5. Change orders will be routed by the financial unit approver if the total of the PO is above the purchasing authority of the PO requisitioner KB0032242: How to Look Up User Roles in Oracle
  6. Change orders will be routed by the buyer if the total of the PO is above $10,000, or if a high-risk purchasing category is used.

The changes you make will reflect only on the purchase order, and you will be copied on the revised PO sent to the supplier once the changes are finalized. Refer to our How to Check the Status of a Purchase Order Change Order KBA for instructions on determining when the change order has been approved.

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