How to Request New /Update Chart of Account (COA) Segments


The Chart of Accounts (COA) represents the structure through which financial transaction data is organized and reported through UC San Diego financial systems.

Essential Information

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Chart of Accounts
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Chart of Accounts Inquiries

Next Steps

Be aware of special characters in COA names, values, or descriptions. Refer to the table at end for further guidance.


Financial Unit

1. Download, complete, and attach the Financial Unit request form to the case
2. After the Financial Unit is approved and created, submit Oracle and Concur Role Request




Guidelines for COA Values and Descriptions

 Special Characters in COA Description Guidance
 . Period Do not use
 _ Underscore  Do not use
 () Parentheses  Do not use
 ' Single Quotation Do not use
 | Vertical Bar Do not use
 @ at sign Do not use
 + Plus sign Do not use
 \ Backslash Do not use
 ,  Comma Do not use, replace with a forward slash /
 & Ampersand Do not use, replace with the word "and"
 = < > Equal, less than, greater than Do not use, replace with words
 - Hyphen Try not to use

Additional Formatting Tips:


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