How to Submit a Non-Event Reimbursement in Concur


Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

The following process applies to all non-event reimbursement Concur Expense Types with added steps for noting gift/award recipients, Attendees in Concur, specifically required for Gift/Prize/Award expense types
Either the employee or an employee's delegate can perform the following process to have non-event expenses reimbursed

1. Log in to Concur
2. If acting as a delegate on behalf of another employee, from Profile, select that user 
3. Select Expense at the top of page

3. Select Create New Report

4. For Report Type, select Event Expenses and Other Reimbursements
5. For Report Name, enter the reference name for the reimbursement

a. 32-character limit; e.g. 10-2020 BFS Supplies A. Name

6. For Payee Type, select Employee

7. In Business Purpose, select Non-event Reimbursement

8. Enter the required Chart of Accounts (CoA) information:

a. Financial Unit
b. Approver
c. Function
d. Fund - required field even though there is no red asterisk
e. Other chartstring values as applicable
See related Knowledge Base Article on searching for CoA information

9. For Business Purpose/Additional Information, add supporting details for the non-event reimbursable expense(s)

a. You may claim multiple reimbursable expenses in a single report and in each expense entry, add a Comment in the Details section 

10. Select Create Report
11. On the next screen, select Add Expense

12. In the dialog box, select Create New Expense

a. For a reimbursement expense, you will manually add the expense

13. Select the appropriate Expense Type from the list

14. In the Expense Details tab, select:

a. Expense Type:Auto-populated from selection
b. Transaction Date: enter date
c. Payment Type: Payment to Employee
d. Amount: Total amount of the reimbursable expense (do not reduce by the sales tax amount)
e. Comment: Supporting business purpose details for the expense (when claiming multiple reimbursable expenses)
f. Expenditure Type: Required when associated with a Project, check to see if taxable
When an expense is associated with a Project, the expense will post to the ledger according to the Project Expenditure Type rather than the default CoA Account value tied to the Concur Expense Type

15. Determine if sales tax was paid from the receipt/invoice and enter the appropriate amount
For taxable items:

a. Enter the amount in Sales Tax Paid (0.00 or greater)
b. If sales tax was not paid on a taxable expense, the system will automatically apply Use Tax

For non-taxable items:

a. Enter the amount in the Sales Tax Paid (0.00) as necessary
b. Select the applicable Tax Exempt Code

16. Select Attach Receipt Image, proof of payment for expense should match claimed reimbursement amount
17. In Attach Receipt dialog box, select Upload Receipt Image or one in the receipt bank

a. See the Knowledge Base Article on uploading/emailing receipts to Concur

18. Select receipt file
Steps 19 – 28: Adding Attendees (for Gift/Prize/Award expense types)

19. In the Expense Details tab, select Attendees

20. On the Attendees page, click Add

21. For new Attendees, select the Attendees tab
22. For the Attendee Type, select Faculty/Staff (active employees)
23. In Attendee Name, enter Last Name, First Name, search and select

a. If not displaying, select More Search Options to Add to List

27. Select Close, then Save
28. Select Save Expense
29. Repeat steps until all appropriate reimbursable expenses have been added
30. Select Submit Report

Check the Report Header for the Concur Document Number: Report Key/Report ID

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket