How to Recycle Used Printer Toners


If you use a laser printer, follow the instructions below to recycle your empty toner cartridges

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

  1. Log in to the Logistics Portal (SSO/VPN)
  2. Navigate to Logistics Request Form icon 
  3. Click on the icon to access all Logistics forms
  4. Select Pickup Request and fill out the required fields
  5. Once you submit your form, you will receive a confirmation with documentation for the service
  6. Make sure your toner boxes are taped up or in a container that is guaranteed not to spill, and hand the labeled toner to a Receiving and Distribution Driver
    1. If you are at an off-campus location that Receiving and Distribution does not deliver to but has a Mail Services mail code, include the toners with your mail pick up
    2. Mail Services will bring it back to their location for Receiving and Distribution to pick up

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket.