How to Check Starting Balances in PPM General Projects


Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Follow these steps to view General Projects carry forward balances in PPM

  1. Log into Oracle Financials Cloud
  2. Navigate to Projects and Awards > Costs >
  3. In the Tasks pane on the right, in Review and Adjust, select Manage Project Costs
  4. In the Project Number search field, enter project number, click search icon
  5. In Search and Select dialog box, enter Project Name, select Search
  6. Select Project, click OK
  7. In Search Results, enable the filter fields by selecting View > Query By Example, in the search field above Expenditure Type, enter 774009 
  8. All carry forward balance transactions will have the Expenditure Type 774009 - Fund Balance Transfer (Debit/Credit)
  9. Starting balances are displayed in the Burdened Cost column with surplus balances from last fiscal year displayed as a credit balance (for example -$100,000 USD indicates a carryover amount of $100K)
  10. To export results into Excel, click on the Export to Excel button next to the Format Menu

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