How to Manage Receipts with the Concur Mobile App

There will be a new Request User Interface (UI) in Concur Starting October 2nd. The process outlined below will not change but the screenshots will be outdated. We'll be working on updating all related knowledge base articles in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, here is a video on the new UI updates.


This article demonstrates how to manage receipts with the Concur Mobile App.

Essential Information

While traveling or making a business purchase, the Concur Mobile app allows you to:

Next Steps

Using the SAP Concur Mobile App

1. Watch the How to Upload Receipts using the Concur Mobile App video.

Video: How to Upload Receipts using the Concur Mobile App (click above image)

Setting up your Mobile App:

The Concur App Center provides download instruction and information on how to link your UCSD account to this and other Travel & Expense applications.

1. Select Connect, then a popup will appear.

1. Download the SAP Concur for Mobile app onto your phone, tablet, or other mobile device.
2. On the opening screen, click the link for SSO Company Code Sign-in and do not log in via email address at this point.
3. Enter the Company Code VL9G8W and sign in with Single Sign-On.
4. Select University of California, San Diego as your location.
5. Complete Single Sign-On as directed for UCSD business application.

Once you have downloaded and setup the app, there are two options within the mobile app for what happens with your images when you select the camera icon in the lower right corner:

To toggle between ExpenseIt and Receipt features, go to Settings by selecting your profile in upper left corner.

Capturing Receipts with the App

Using the mobile app is one convenient way of sending receipts to Concur, you can continue uploading receipts from the computer or even email receipts directly to or 

1. Select the Receipt camera icon at the bottom right of the screen.
2. Take a picture of your receipt to instantly create a digitized receipt within Concur, the receipt image in your receipt bank can be attached to an Expense by you or your Delegate at any time.


Creating Expenses from Receipt Images with ExpenseIt

1. Select the ExpenseIt camera icon at the bottom right of the screen.
2. Take a picture of your receipt, the receipt scanning feature will automatically generate an Expense entry.
3. Confirm the accuracy of the suggested information or select the applicable field(s) to edit the Expense Details.
4. Once ready to add it to an Expense Report, select Move to Report.


Adding Receipts to University Card Transactions

All available expenses (e.g. University Card transactions) are located in the Expenses section of the application, redact any personally identifiable information from the receipt images before uploading to Concur.

1. Select Expenses to upload receipts for charges made with your Travel & Entertainment Card (T&E Card) or your Procurement Card (P-Card).
2. Select the charge from the available University Card charges that you would like to associate with a receipt image.
3. Select Add Receipt and the receipt will be attached to the card transaction.
4. Select Camera to take a picture of the receipt, or From Library to upload a receipt that you already have saved on your mobile device.
5. Return to Expenses to view the Expense with the newly attached receipt and attach it to an Expense Report at any time.

6. In the Mobile App, the receipt images are stored under Expenses:

a. The first image (Receipt) were uploaded with the Receipt feature.
b. Examples of Expense entries created with ExpenseIt would be the last image which include additional Expense Details such as Expense Type, Amount, and Vendor.


7. In the Mobile App Expense entries are displayed under Expenses as shown above or in Concur under Available Expenses as shown below.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494.