FAQ: Revenue in GL vs PPM



Q:  Where is the equivalent to legacy's Operating Ledger in Oracle?


Q:  How do you see external revenue on a Project in General Ledger?


Q:  What type of revenue can be seen in PPM?


Q:  What is internal revenue (cost recovery)?  And why is it in PPM?


Q:  Can all revenue on Projects be seen at the task level?


Q:  Will external revenue on a contract be on Manage Project costs or Project Cost Reports?

A:  No


Q:  Where in PPM can external revenue from a contract be seen?

A:  Go to Contract Management > Contracts > Enter Contract number
Click on the Contract > Select Lines tab > Associated Projects tab, see screenshot below

Q:  Will revenue generated in ISIS be in PPM?

A:  No, All revenue generated in ISIS will post to the General Ledger at the Project level and would not be shown in PPM

Q:  Can external and internal revenue by task be seen together?

A:  Currently, no, a report is currently under development, at the moment, PPM module is detailed reporting for expenses and not revenues

Q:  When/Where can I find more reports and details to track net performance?

A:  Teams are working on reporting to bring data together for departments, they are also having conversations for long term solutions

Q:  Why can't PPM just be changed to include revenue or change the General Ledger?

A:  There is a mix of theory and Oracle intended and inherent functionality that needs to work together, some areas need to stabilize before revisiting change request so it does not create inaccurate financial reporting or confusion

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