How to Process Mileage-Only Reimbursements


This document provides guidance on:

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

A Travel Request is not needed for Mileage-Only reimbursements, start by creating an Expense Report

1. From the Concur home page, select Expense

2. In Manage Expenses > Report Library, select Create New Report


3. In the Report Header, fill out all the required fields


4. In Trip Purpose, select Mileage 

a. Any other Trip Purpose will require a Travel Request

5. In Business Travel Start and End Date, enter dates according to the number of trips:

a. If this reimbursement is for a single trip, in Start Date and End Date, enter the same date

b. If this reimbursement is for multiple trips, in the Start Date enter the date of the first trip and in the End Date enter the date of the last trip 

6. In the Business Purpose/Additional Information field, enter a detailed bona fide Business Purpose 

a. It is required to provide the Business Purpose in this field to clearly document valid UCSD business travel on the expense report even if the Business Purpose is listed on the mileage log

7. Select Create Report

a.  Page displays the newly created Expense Report e.g. July Mileage_Parsons

8. Click on Add Expense


9. In the Add Expense dialog box:

a. Select Create New Expense

b. In the Search field, enter Personal and select Personal Car/Business Use-Mileage Expense Type (as this relates to Travel Policy G-28)

c. If submitting mileage for a prior year (not the current year/what is published in Concur Mileage Calculator), instead select the Miscellaneous Expense Type and manually calculate the reimbursement based on that year's mileage rate (published on Blink)


10. In the New Expense Details tab, enter the required information:

a. In the Transaction Date field, enter the first or the last date of the trip

b. In the From and To Location fields, enter the origin and the destination of the trip

c. For multiple-trip mileage reimbursement, enter various  

d. In the Distance field:

1. For a single-trip, enter total miles from Google Maps

2. For multiple-trips, enter total miles from the UCSD mileage log

e.  The system will auto-calculate the mileage reimbursement amount


11. To attach Google Maps or UCSD mileage log, select Attach Receipt Image and in the dialog box, select Upload Receipt Image
              Note: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .tif, .tiff are the only acceptable file formats in Concur


12. After you add a receipt, select Save Expense

13. When all Expense details are complete, select Submit Report

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494