How to Fill out a Merchant Receipt Template


This article covers how to fill out the Merchant Receipt Template in Excel to clear the Oracle Credit Card Clearing Account Balance. Additionally, this article outlines how Departments and/or Financial Units, use the Merchant Receipt Template which accepts credit card payments through the credit card terminal or website. They are not invoicing in Oracle and need to book revenue to a Chart of Account (CoA).

Essential Information

Next Steps

Procedure A

Run the General Ledger Detail Panorama which can be accessed from the BAH (Business Analytics Hub):

  1. Select the Budget & Finance tab
  2. Select General Ledger Panorama
  3. Report opens to the General Ledger Transaction Details tab

For additional guidance on GL Reports, please reference the General Ledger Panorama Blink page.

Procedure B

  1. Open the Merchant Receipt Template.
  2. There are two tabs on the Merchant Receipt Template.
    1. Form: complete form as directed beginning in Step #4, form includes sample data.
    2. Instructions: additional instructions for completing form.
  3. Complete the following fields in the Merchant Receipt Template on the 1st tab.
  4. In Merchant Name, select your business from the drop down, which populates the Activity Code field.
  5. In GL Values, enter:
    1. Entity
    2. Fund
    3. Financial Unit
    4. Account
  6. In Business Unit, select Business Unit.
  7. In Comments, if needed, add applicable comments.
  8. In Deposit Date, enter date of transactions.
  9. In Amount, enter daily credit card batch total, which must tie to daily batch amount.
  10. In Customer Account, enter Customer Account if applying payment to an invoice (see* below).
  11. In  Transaction (Inv)#, enter Transaction/Invoice # if applying payment to an invoice (see* below).
  12. In Project, enter Project# only if booking revenue to a Project.
  13. When you are complete entering the information in the file, save as, using this file naming convention, e.g.: UCSD SURPLUS SALES APR2022_CC0128

    Example of a completed Merchant Receipt Template:

Procedure C

  1. Complete the Submit a ticket form as follows:
    1. I want to: Ask a Question or Make a Request
    2. About: Banking, Cash & Card Products
    3. Related To: Merchant Services
    4. More Specifically: Merchant Receipt Form
  2. Select Add Attachments and attach Merchant Receipt Template.
  3. Submit


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here.