How to Add and Reorder Columns in the PO Module


This article demonstrates how to see the Requester associated with a Purchase Order in the Oracle PO module in an efficient manner. 

Essential Information

Next Steps 

Log in to Oracle Purchase Orders

  1. Go here
  2. Click the Company Single Sign-On button.
  3. Log in with your Active Directory information.
  4. In Procure to Pay, click Purchase Orders. 

Search for a Purchase Order in the PO Module

  1. On the right of the page, click the Magnifying Glass icon.
  2. Confirm Search is set to Orders, enter the PO number in the search bar, press the Enter key.

Update the Displayed Columns on the PO

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the Purchase Order.
  2. Click the Lines tab.
  3. Select View, then Columns.
  4. Scroll through the Columns dropdown and select or deselect columns.
    1. Requester will show the individual who was designated as the point of contact for the order.
    2. New columns will display under Lines tab on Purchase Orders viewed in the PO module. 

Reorder the Displayed Columns

  1. On the Lines tab, click View, click Reorder Columns.
  2. The columns will appear from left to right in order of their listing here.
  3. Click the up or down arrows to move columns left or right, respectively, by one column.
  4. Click the up or down arrows with horizontal lines to move columns to be the left- or rightmost column.


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