How to Book Travel in Concur Travel


This KBA will demonstrate how to book travel using Concur Travel

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Video: How to Book Travel in Concur Travel (Click above Image)


1. Log into Concur

a. If you are using the Concur Travel module on behalf of another user as a Delegate, you must select the option to act as their Delegate before starting this process

2. Select the Travel module from the top of the screen

3. Select type of trip search (airfare, car rental, hotel, train)

4. Enter Search Criteria  

5. Select Search

6. In Welcome to Concur dialog box, enter Request ID

a. See How to locate Concur Report Key, Report ID, and Request ID KBA to find Request ID

b. Concur Travel can also be used for personal travel - in such a case, a Request ID isn’t necessary

7. Check the information/alerts to ensure purchase is within policy

8. Click Select for desired booking

9. Ensure UCSD CTS Air Charge Card (for airfare), Local Hotel Card (for local hotels), or Travel & Entertainment Card is selected for method of payment

10. Select Reserve Flight and Continue

11. Your reservation will be in Concur under Available Expenses by the next day

Booking Guest Travel via Concur Travel

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

1. The steps for booking travel for a guest are similar to booking travel for an employee, with two variations:

2. Select Booking for a guest when entering search criteria

2. After selecting a reservation, the system will ask you to enter the Guest Traveler’s information

3. Confirm this information is correct before selecting Save

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494