How to Order New Water Services


This article describes the process required to order drinking water services through the Logistics STORE team.

Essential Information

Next Steps 

1. Log in to Oracle Procurement.

2. Go to your home page and select Purchase Requisitions.

3. You can browse the STORE catalog by navigating to the Shop by Category dropdown and selecting Recharge - UCSD STORE Water Cooler Rental.

4. Add the desired items in your cart; coolers, water, cups, etc. by entering the overall quantity you need within the period of performance and clicking the cart icon:

a. Quantities chosen are based on period of performance.

b. Water cooler rentals are invoiced on a monthly basis, and water deliveries are made on a biweekly basis:


1 water cooler rental for 12 month period of performance - qty: 12

5 water bottles per biweekly delivery for 12 month period of performance - qty: 120

1 pack of cups per biweekly delivery for 12 months - qty: 12

5. Input all of the information required on the form then click OK.

a. You must complete a form for each item selected.

6. Submit your cart by clicking on the cart icon on the top right and selecting Submit.

7. At checkout, Project/Task/Funding Source information is REQUIRED:

a. You can find this information in the Mapped Index Lookup tool or by confirming with your department's Financial Unit Approver.

b. Please ensure that you are using a current chargeable and valid Project/Task/Funding Source chartstring. * If you do not use valid or chargeable project information, STORE will use the department default project until a valid and chargeable chartstring can be provided.*


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here.