FAQ: Budgets in PPM


This article is an overview on the availability of budgeting in PPM focusing on General Projects


Q:  Do all projects have budgets?

A:  No

Q: Where can you find more information on Sponsored Project budgets?

A:  Refer to KBA: How to Manage Sponsored Project Budgets in OFC PPM

Q:  Should you create a budget in your General Project?

A:  This is at the Department's discretion to create a budget, but it can help the Project Manager monitor the financial performance of the project

Q:  Who is responsible for General Project budgets?

A:  It is the Department's responsibility to review and manage PPM Budget for General Projects, if the functionality is used

Q:  Is there a formal process for budgets for General Projects 

A:  No

Q:  Is there a way to turn off project notification when new versions are submitted?

A:  No

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