How To Review Oracle & Concur Access Requests as an Approver


This document serves as the guide for approving Oracle and Concur role requests and will help you understand the role approval process, recognize common errors when reviewing role requests, and prevent incorrect approvals.

Essential Information

Next Steps

1. Log into Services and Support.
2. Click My Stuff and then click Approvals.

3. Select the Requested Item (starts with RITM) to view the details of the request (example below).

The type of request is shown after the person's name:

  1. Grant Access Oracle System Roles: this means standard Oracle roles are being requested.
  2. Grant Access Oracle Elevated Roles: this means elevated Oracle roles are being requested.
    • UCSD GL Journal Entry JR is the only elevated role that departmental users may need to request with VC central office approval.
    • All other elevated roles should not be requested unless there is prior instruction from the domain lead.
  3. Grant Access Oracle & Concur Approvers: this means workflow approver roles are being requested.
    • "Approval for DH" means the approver is reviewing the Department Head level for the financial unit that follows (in the image below, substitute OFC-UCSD Campus Elevated Roles for a financial unit code).
    • "Approval for FINU" means the approver is reviewing the financial unit approver level.
    • "Approval for SE" means the approver is reviewing the Special Entertainment approver level.
    • "Approval for CT" means the approver is reviewing the cost transfer approver level.

            d. Grant Access Oracle & Concur Other Roles: this means a purchasing authority is being requested.

4. Review the details of the request and note the follow items in the details of the request:

  1. Submitted by: refers person who completed the request form in
  2. Who is this request for?: refers to the person that will have the requested access added to their account.
  3. Requestor Financial Business Unit: refers to the business unit person is assigned to.
    • Check that the Business Unit the person is requesting for is appropriate.
  4. Select the Financial Unit that should approve this access request: refers to the financial unit the person works for.

5. Examples of request details by request type:

6. For elevated role requests, check current roles assigned to the person using the Campus User Roles Report in Oracle.

  1. Refer to KB0032242: How to Look Up User Roles in Oracle.
  2. Elevated roles with separation of duties conflicts need other controls in place to prevent or detect errors or fraud from occurring.

7. Approve or Reject buttons

  1. Approve: use to move request forward in the workflow process.u
  2. Reject: will end the request for standard and elevated Oracle roles.
    • Workflow roles will continue through all Financial Units requested until all Financial Units selected in the request are rejected.
    • Enter comments
      • Include the specific reason for the rejection in this area.
      • If there are several errors with the request, such as multiple elevated roles being requested by a departmental user, then simply note that elevated roles are not being provisioned to departmental users.


If you still need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here.