How to Restore an Employee from Snapshot Roster in EPBCS


In the Oracle Planning and Budgeting Tool, also known as Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS), budget preparers use Task List 1 and Task List 2 to budget salary and benefits for staff and faculty members in their Financial Unit. Any updates to Staff or Faculty compensation are made on Forms 1.2 for Staff and 2.2 for Faculty. If a budget preparer deletes an employee distribution line in error, there is an option to restore the employee’s data from the original roster snapshot.

Essential Information

Next Steps

1. From the Oracle Planning and Budgeting Tool home page, click on Tasks.

2. Navigate to Task List 2 Review and Manage Faculty Planning, expand the triangle to display Task 2.1 Review Faculty Source Data.

3. The form 2.1 Review Faculty Source Data is displayed.

4. In 2.1 Review Faculty Source Data, update Years to the current year to display your roster, e.g. FY21, and update  EFinUnit to the Financial Unit you want to view.

5. Once FY21 and EFinUnit have been updated and highlighted in yellow, click the Arrow icon, otherwise your changes will not be saved.

6. Locate the Distribution line for the individual you wish to restore and right click, in Action menu, select Restore Distribution.

7. WFP-RestoreFacultyMembr dialog box will display populated with information for that individual.

8. Click Launch, which will return back to Form 2.1 where a message will be displayed indicating the Restore function was successful.

9. From Task 2.1 Review Faculty Source Data, navigate to Form 2.2 by clicking Next in the upper right.

10. Locate and verify the Distribution line for the faculty member that was restored.


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