How to Download and Install Smart View Excel Add-In


This article will provide instructions on how to download the Smart View Excel Add-In to enable data entry for the Oracle Planning and Budgeting tool.


Essential Information

Next Steps

Step 1: Download and Install .NET Framework

  1. Close any Microsoft Office Applications including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook
  2. Click this link  to access the download file for the most recent version of .NET Framework, current version is 4.8.
  3. Click the Download .NET Framework 4.8.1 Runtime link, and download 4.8.1 Runtime, not the Developer Pack. 
  4. The download file is named NDP481-Web.exe, if the user loses track of the download file, check the Downloads folder.
  5. Click on the NDP481-Web.exe file to run.
  6. Click Yes to install application, a message stating this version of .NET Framework is already installed, might pop up, that’s okay.

Step 2: Download and Install the Smart View Zip File

  1. Navigate to the EPBCS web application sign in page.
  2. Sign in with SSO by clicking on UCSD Single Sign-On. 
  3. Enter AD credentials and click Login:  
  4. From the EPBCS home page, click on the drop-down arrow in the upper right corner of the page, directly to the right of their name:
  5. Within the drop-down menu, select Downloads… 
  6. Within the ‘Downloads’ pop-up menu, scroll to the ‘Smart View’ section and click on Download from Oracle Technology Network.
  7. Upon completion of step 2f, the user will be redirected to an intermediary web page. Click on Download Now. 
  8.  A new web page will render prompting the user to sign into the Oracle Technology network.
    1. NOTE: This login is separate from EPBCS and is not affiliated with UCSD directly. SSO login will not work here. If this is the user’s first time accessing an Oracle Technology Network download, proceed to the next step to create an account. If a user has an existing Oracle Technology Network account, skip to step 2k.
  9.  Create an Oracle account by clicking on Create Account.
  10. Fill out the required fields using the user’s email address and click Create Account.
  11. Enter Oracle Technology Network credentials and click Sign in:
  12. Within the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud page, expand the Platforms dropdown menu and place a checkmark in the box that corresponds with the user’s machine.  
  13. Check the box to the left of ‘I reviewed and accept the Oracle License Agreement.
  14. Click on the hyperlinked .zip file below ‘Oracle Smart View for Office 23.200’ within the Software field to initiate the download of the .zip file. 
  15.  Once the download is complete, extract the zip file contents by clicking the Extract all button within the 'Compressed Folder Tools' ribbon. If the user loses track of the download file, check the Downloads folder.    
  16. The 'Select a Destination and Extract Files pop-up will appear. Leave the default save location as is and click 'OK' . 
  17. Once the zip file is extracted, navigate into the folder with the extracted files, right-click on the SmartView file, and select Run as administrator to initiate the install process.   
    1. NOTE: If the user doesn't have admin rights on their machine, they will need to submit a ticket with ITS.
  18. The installer will ask for the destination folder, click OK. 
  19. If any Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Outlook are open, the user will receive the error message below, close the applications and click Retry. Otherwise skip to next step.
  20. The install takes approximately 15 seconds and then displays a success message. Click OK once the success message displays.

Step 3: Verify Smart View Installed Properly in Excel

  1. Open Excel, click File at the top left corner of Excel, then on lower left panel, click Options.  
  2. In Excel Options dialog box, in the left panel, click Add-ins.
  3. Under the Active Application Add-ins section at the top of the dialog box, verify that two Oracle Smart View Add-ins for Office, the Excel Add-in and the COM Add-in are visible. If the two add-ins are present, proceed to step 3g. If the two Smart View Add-ins are not listed, proceed to the next step. 
  4. At the bottom of the dialog box, within the Manage area, change Excel Add-Ins to Disabled Items, and click Go.
  5. A new dialog box will display, and select Oracle Smart View for Office, click Enable. 
  6. Restart Excel, the two Add-ins should now be visible.
  7. After installation is complete establish connection with EPBCS database. See the KBA How to Establish a Connection Between Smart View and EPBCS for instructions. 


If you need additional assistance, please submit a ticket here.