How to Lift Concur Travel or Event Request Commitments


This article instructs the user in lifting their Concur-related Commitments by Closing their Travel and Event Requests and expensing their Requests. 

Essential Information

Next Steps

Closing the Request

For an approved request (with future dates) that is no longer needed or will not be attached to an expense report, follow the steps below to manually lift the commitment. 

1. Log into Concur.

2. Click on the Home dropdown and select the Requests module.

3. A list of active Requests will display.

4. Select the Request with the Commitment.

5. Click on the dropdown for More Actions and select the Close Request button.

6. Select OK

7. The commitment will no longer appear on the Project the next day. 

Steps to Take to Lift the Commitment by Expensing the Request 

To lift a commitment, once the Request has been approved, create an Expense Report and link your Request to it

1. To link the Request, from the Approved Request click on the Create Expense Report button. 

2. If linking the Request from the Expense Report side, click on the Report Details dropdown and select Manage Requests.

3. For more guidance on completing and submitting an Expense Report in Concur reference, KB0032014 : How to Submit a Travel Expense Report and KB0032021: How to Submit an Event Expense Report.

4. Once the Expense Report that is linked to the Request has been fully approved and Sent for Payment, the Commitment will lift from the Project the next day. 

If you're commitment is still showing up once you have Closed it or if you have additional questions about commitments, please contact IPPS via Services & Support using the following service offerings:

About: Travel

Related to: General Travel/Policy Info

More Specifically: Travel Reconciliation How-To


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494.