How to Request Oracle Inquiry and Reporting Roles


The article provides clear instructions on requesting inquiry and reporting roles for Oracle Financials Cloud (OFC). It displays a step-by-step guide to assist users in obtaining the necessary roles for inquiry and reporting functions, ensuring effective utilization of OFC's capabilities.


Essential Information

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Requesting Inquiry and Reporting Roles:

NOTE: that these steps apply to users with only the UCSD IT Self-Service User JR assigned per the user roles report.

1. Go to the Oracle and Concur Role Request Form.

2. In Submitted by, this field populates automatically.

3. In Requested for, identify and select the person the request is for (defaults automatically and can be changed to another person).

4. In the Standard Roles SectionDoes the person need standard inquiry and reporting access for viewing financial information across all Oracle modules?, select Yes.

  1. Do not make selections for other questions on this part of the form.

5. Click the checkbox under the Acknowledgement section and click Next.

5. In Oracle System Roles, select Options.

6. In Select the Financial Unit that should approve this access request, select the Financial Unit associated with your office to ensure your request is approved properly.

7. Click Next.

8. Click Submit.

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