How to Claim a Commitment ID in EPBCS Web Application


This article will describe how to claim a Commitment ID via Task 7.1, which is the first step in creating a new Commitment record in the Resource Commitment Tracking Tool (RCTT)

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

  1. Go to EPBCS
  2. Login using Single Sign-On
  3. On the EPBCS Home Page, click on the Tasks tile

  4. Click on the caret to the left of 7 - Create and Manage Commitments to expand the Task List
  5. Click on Task 7.1 Activate Commitment

  6. In 7.1 Activate Commitment, within the POV, in Project select the Source Project

  7. In the Select a Member dialog box, click on the arrow to the right of parent members to drill through the hierarchy, starting with Total UCSD Projects until reaching the desired Project
    • Alternatively, use the Search Project field, to enter a Project Number or Name to return a limited set of results

      Note: You are able to select PJ0000000 : No Project if you wish to transfer resources only at the Financial Unit-Fund-Function level

  8. Once you have found the desired Project, select it and verify a blue checkmark displays to the left of your selected Project, then click OK

  9. Repeat this step for the desired Financial Unit, Fund, Function, and Budget Type

    Only Financial Units that you have access to are available in the drop-down menu. Make sure the desired Project matches the Financial Unit you have selected, or you will receive an error message when attempting to activate the CTID

  10. If you have changed any fields within the POV (i.e., Project, Financial Unit, Fund, Function, and Budget Type), the POV field will display yellow, indicating that data needs to be passed through the system - click the arrow to the right of the POV to proceed

  11. Verify that your Project, Financial Unit, Fund, Function, and Budget Type selections are correct and have passed through - if any yellow selections remain, repeat Step #10
  12. Select an available CTID and right-click to initiate the Action Menu, then select Activate | Create Commitment

    Note: Make note of this CTID (for a future step in Task 7.2)

  13. An Information message displays indicating the commitment activation was successful, and that CTID will no longer be available in the list of Commitment IDs, click OK to return to the Task

    If the selected Project and Financial Unit do not match, you will receive an error message. You should then review your Project/Financial Unit selections, update values, and repeat Steps #10-12

  14. If you need to activate multiple CTIDs, repeat Steps #5-13 as needed
  15. When ready to move on, click Next located in the top-right of the form to begin entering additional data for your commitment(s) in Task 7.2 Enter Basic Commitment Data

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket