How to Identify and Correct Costed and Accounted PPM Adjusted Costs (Central Office Guide)


This article explains the process for Costed and Accounted Project Costs, identifying and correcting errors, and how to route requests between central offices (Responsibilities & Routing Matrix). Please note, this article is intended for central offices (also referred to as business owners).

Essential Information

Next Steps

Currently issues are identified by end users on the GL to PPM reconciliation report, when reviewing transactions, etc. and are reported through multiple channels including the chancellor advisory committee, Services & Support, office hours, CoP, etc. 

Business owners are responsible for researching, validating errors and taking the appropriate action to correct PPM cost entry transactions by following these steps: 

Step 1. Run report to identify multiple errors for a larger population (proactively) of entries or review individual transactions as requested by end user (submitted through a ticket)

    1. Navigate here
    2. Click on the Central Office Panorama Tab.
    3. Locate the Project Cost Adjustments on Costed and Accounted Report.
    4. Run the report
      1. Reversal Accounting Date From and Reversal Accounting Date To is the accounting period the adjustment/reversal was done in.
      2. Transaction Date From and Transaction Date To is the Expenditure Item date.
      3. Transaction Source is the source systems outside of OFC where the cost was imported from.
    5. Review the Reversal Raw Cost COA and Reversal Raw Cost Clearing COA.

Tip: Run the data for the smallest data set possible, no more than 1 month of reversal data, to avoid a long report run time. Or, schedule the report to be delivered to your email

 To schedule the report:

  1. Go to the gear wheel icon
  2. Scroll down and select Schedule
  3. Enter your parameters  
  4. Enter the export format and email address
  5. Click Submit
  6. Name your report
  7. Click OK
  8. Click OK on the popup message that indicates the report was successfully scheduled

Step 2. Review the Reversal Raw Cost COA and Reversal Raw Cost Clearing COA

    1.  If they are incorrect, continue to step 3.

Step 3. Identify incorrect accounting strings 


Original posting in PPM (did not go to GL)

DR 16120.20000.2000021.405401.000.2006417.000.00000.000000

CR 16120.20000.2000021.405401.000.2006417.000.00000.000000


Original posting in the GL

DR 16120.20000.2000021.405401.000.2006417.000.00000.000000

CR 19196.13391.96999092.110000.000.00000.00000.0000.0000


A reversal in PPM (cost transfer or other adjustment done)

DR 16120.20000.2000021.405401.000.2006417.000.00000.000000

CR 16120.20000.2000021.405401.000.2006417.000.00000.000000



Correlating entries in GL

DR 16120.20000.2000021.405401.000.2006417.000.00000.000000

CR 16120.20000.2000021.405401.000.2006417.000.00000.000000



New Cost in PPM and GL (derived based on the SLA’s in PPM (Refer to the PPM User Guide) Not balancing

DR 16120.20000.2000021.405401.000.2001234.000.00000.000000

CR 16196.16000.9699911.773046.000.000.000000.0000000.000000.00000.000000.000000



The original PPM file should have been

DR 16120.20000.2000021.405401.000.2006417.000.00000.000000

CR 16196.16000.9699911.773046.000.000.000000.0000000.000000.00000.000000.000000

Reversal would have then been:

CR 16120.20000.2000021.405401.000.2006417.000.00000.000000

DR 16196.16000.9699911.773046.000.000.000000.0000000.000000.00000.000000.000000


Step 4: Determine correct accounting strings

Once you have identified the errors and have determined the correct accounting strings proceed to the following:

Step 5: Correct the transactions or Route to the Central Reconciliation Team with transactions and correct accounting strings (Raw Cost and/or Raw Cost Clearing strings) that need to be corrected

NOTE: In the case that the reversal entry is preventing close, FO SD will fix the data element(s) causing a close issue, but the above steps still required for full resolution of accounting.


Step 6: Run the Costed and Accounted by Adjustment Type report and repeat above steps 2-5

This report shows the entries due to adjustment types that do not create new costs but may need to be adjusted due to the original costed and accounted entry

How to Route Between Central Offices

Use the table below as your guide for filling out the form:

The Financial Operations Strategic Design Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Team is responsible for:

Business Owners are responsible for:

Business Owners at UC San Diego:

**The business owner is determined by the transaction source and documents as listed below.
Transaction SourceDocumentsBusiness OwnerHow to Route
UCSD ISISUCSD ISISStudent Financial Solutions (SFS)About: Financial Accounting
Related to (Service): Student Accounting
More Specifically (Service Offering): Account Reapplications
UCSD Accounts ReceivableMisc Receipts
Sales Invoice
Financial Operations (FO)About: Financial Accounting
Related to: Resource and Cost Transfers
More Specifically: Cost Transfer Inquiries
UCSD General Ledger 
UCSD Pinnacle Dept 
UCSD Pinnacle Various Recharges
UCSD Premier Supply Chain
HealthHealth System

You can submit as follows and our team will redirect to the Health team for support

About: Financial Accounting
Related to: Resource and Cost Transfers
More Specifically: Cost Transfer Inquiries

UCSD General LedgerFinancial Control
GL PPM Transfer
Mass Allocations
Internal Loan Program
Internal Controls & Accounting (ICA)About: Financial Accounting
Related to: Resource and Cost Transfers
More Specifically: Resource Transfer Inquiries
UCSD IFIS Conversion (Capital Projects)AllInternal Controls & Accounting (ICA)See above
UCSD IFIS Conversion (Sponsored Projects)AllSponsored Projects Finance (SPF)About: Awards & Sponsored Projects
Related to: Resource and Cost Transfers
More Specifically: Award Resource and Cost Transfer Inquiries

Example Transactions

Example 1: 

Costed 2. Accounted Transactions with incorrect Strings  

Reversal cost created as part of a transfers (the “from” transaction) 

Example 2: Project 1009209

  • Move credit to expense receipt from task 1 to 31
  • Original trans: 16159168
  • PPM C&A

  • Original GL accounting:
    • On receipt
    • CR 16120.12100.2000020.539100.431.000.000000.1009209.000000.00000.000000.000000
    • Reversal/from 16854270
  • Accounting in PPM and GL:

  • New/to trans 16854271

Right now,

Net trans:

$124k CR 16120.12100.2000020.539100.431.000.000000.1009209.000000.00000.000000.000000


$62k DR: 16196.16000.9699911.773046.000.000.000000.0000000.000000.00000.000000.000000


Need to update the reversal so that the net trans are:


$62k CR 16120.12100.2000020.539100.431.000.000000.1009209.000000.00000.000000.000000


Example 3: Health

In the original journal in the GL:

DR 16130.20700.3000013.535100.440.000.000000.1001418.000000.00000.000000.000000

CR 16242.12000.4200100.125010.000.000.000000.0000000.000000.00000.000000.000000---I think?????


The original PPM MCI load—trans 12726465 as costed and accounted—reflection of above:

DR 16130.20700.3000013.535100.440.000.000000.1001418.000000.00000.000000.000000

CR 16130.20700.3000013.535100.440.000.000000.1001418.000000.00000.000000.000000


Transfer off (trans 16997079)—PPM accounting to GL based on original transaction:

DR 16130.20700.3000013.535100.440.000.000000.1001418.000000.00000.000000.000000

CR 16130.20700.3000013.535100.440.000.000000.1001418.000000.00000.000000.000000


Transfer To (trans—16997080)

DR 16130.20700.3000013.535100.440.000.000000.2002418.000000.00000.000000.000000

CR 16196.16000.9699911.773046.000.000.000000.0000000.000000.00000.000000.000000

Can you see how trans 16997079 isn’t actually doing anything accounting wise?

The line in red needs to be updated to match the green so that the transactions net out.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here.