How to Resolve Error when Submitting Journal Entry for Approval (FUN-720336)


This article describes how you can identify an access issue with submitting journal entries when you have been assigned the UCSD GL Journal Entry JR role and a Department Shopper job grade.

Essential Information

Next Steps

How to Identify Error

1. You are following the instructions in the article: 

2. Then during the process, you encounter an error message that says "The rules under rule set didn't return any results. (FUN-720336)"

3. Confirm you have been assigned a Line Manager; you can check for your Line Manager at KB0033530: How to Find Your GL Journal Entry Approver.

How to Resolve Missing Line Manager

If you were assigned the UCSD GL Journal Entry JR role and have not been assigned a Line Manager, then please go to the Budget & Finance Submit a Ticket form and then enter the following information:

After case is submitted and completed, repeat steps 1 to 7 and confirm the Line Manager is assigned under the Managers and Peers section.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here.