How to Request Departmental Deposit Pickups


This article provides a guide on requesting department deposit pickups for delivery to the Cashier's Office through Apollo Courier Services. It covers the necessary steps and procedures involved in initiating these pickups, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for handling department deposits. This information can be crucial for individuals or departments looking to utilize Apollo Courier Services for their financial transactions with the Cashier's Office.

Essential Information

Instructions and rates for deposit delivery requests can be seen in the Apollo Courier Services PDF.

The cost for Apollo Courier Services to pick-up your deposit for delivery to the Cashiers Office is:

NOTE: Using Apollo Courier Services is optional.

Additional Options: 

The Cashier’s Office is located on the 1st floor of the Student Services Center in Suite 170. We are open Monday-Friday from 10am-4pm. 

NOTE: If you decide to drop off your deposit and the deposit exceeds $500, we recommend that you do the delivery in dual custody by bringing someone with you. 

Supplemental Guides

If you do not have an account with Apollo already, please see the Apollo new account set up form (PDF)


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here. If you need help with deposit pick-ups, please contact the vault custodian, Mario Espinoza.