How to Submit for an Outgoing Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ILTF)


An Outgoing Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ILTF) is when UCSD sends resources or funding to another UC Campus or to UCOP.  This article will explain how to submit for an outgoing Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ILTF).

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Download and complete the Excel ILTF form to submit to Internal Controls & Accounting (ICA) by following the instructions below:

1. Complete row 3

  1. Subject Line: Brief Description
  2. Explanation: Provide key segments in COA and POETAF
    • Example COA: 16110-13991-1000161-0-400-0-0-2012489-0-0-0-0
      • The 0 is being understood as the segment having zeros for all the numbers in the segment length
    • Example POETAF: 2012489-1 (This is the Project and Task)
      • If the Project is a Sponsored Project, include the Award and Funding number
  3. Comments: (Optional) Any additional information regarding the transfer that may be helpful
    • Example: John Smith is doing grant specific work for Jane Johnson. Mark Jones at UCI is helping with the transfer
    • Example: Reimbursement on 5% of UCLA employee's salary and benefits (Jane Johnson) from 3/1/2022 - 2/28/2023                                                    

2. Complete the first two rows (row 5 will be a Debit and row 6 will be a Credit) on the ILTF form with UCSD information

  1. UCSD Loc1 will always be 06 for UCSD
  2. UCSD Loc2 will always be 01 for UCSD
  3. Corporate Account
    1. Row 5 (Debit line) - Use the following chart to enter the Corporate Account in cell C5 with the associated campus that will be receiving the resources/funds
Corporate Account (Debit) Account Title
78001EIntercampus Recharge Debit UCB
78002EIntercampus Recharge Debit UCSF
78003EIntercampus Recharge Debit UCD
78004EIntercampus Recharge Debit UCLA
78005EIntercampus Recharge Debit UCR
78007EIntercampus Recharge Debit UCSC
78008EIntercampus Recharge Debit UCSB
78009EIntercampus Recharge Debit UCI
78010EIntercampus Recharge Debit UCM
78011EIntercampus Recharge Debit UCOP
78012EIntercampus Recharge Debit ANR















b. Row 6 (Credit line) - Use the following chart to enter the Corporate Account in cell C6 based on the UCSD Fund being transferred 

UCSD FundCorporate Account (Credit)Account Title


Excluding 19931,19933,19934,


48100EState Appropriations General 
 18XXX40600ESpecial State Appropriations
All Other Funds44000EOther Operating Revenue


4. Fund:  Determine the appropriate Level D UCSD Fund using the UCSD to UCOP FGC Fund Crosswalk for ILTFs

    1. Filter for the appropriate UCSD Fund (column A) and use the UCSD Level D Fund Hierarchy (column C) as your results to enter in column D (cells D5 and D6) of the ILTF form
    2. Provide the receiving UC Campus the associated UCOP Fund Group Code number (column D) from the Crosswalk for ILTFs file that is applicable for the UCSD Fund to help complete rows 7 and 8
  1. 5. UCSD Sub will always be 08 (cells E5 and E6)

6. Transaction Description:  This cell will be at your discretion and will be reflected in the Journal Line Description

7. GL Transfer From (DR.): In cell G5 enter the dollar amount (Debit) of the transfer with no sign

8. GL Transfer From (CR.): In cell H5 enter the dollar amount (Credit) of the transfer with no sign

9. Columns I and J - leave cells blank

10. Full Accounting Unit (FAU): FAU credit line consists of 5 parts from columns A to E, separated by dashes: LOC1-LOC2-Corporate_Account-Fund-Sub

3. Request FAU information from UCOP or the UC Campus that will be receiving the funding

  1. The receiving campus will need to provide FAU in the format of LOC1-LOC2-Corporate_Account-Fund-Sub for rows 7 and 8
  2. Enter the other UC Campus Debit FAU in row 7 (also referred to as the Offsetting Revenue)
  3. Enter the other UC Campus Credit FAU in row 8 (also referred to as the Budgetary line)
  4. If there are any questions regarding the information received from UCOP or another campus, please submit the question via a ticket using the guidelines in step 5 below

4. Complete contact information

  1. Complete contact information in rows 20 and 21: 
    1. Department Prepared by
    2. Department Approved by
    3. Dates
    4. Email

5. Submit completed form to ICA

Submit a Ticket to ICA for review or if you still have questions or need additional assistance

    1. About: Financial Accounting
    2. Related to: General Accounting Support
    3. More Specifically: Interlocation Transfer of Funds Submissions/Inquiries

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket