Logistics Request Form - POETAF Validator


POETAF validation on the Logistics Request Form allows for a real-time check that your Project and Task, and Funding source (if applicable), are valid

Steps to Resolution

  1. Double check if all components of the POETAF you submitted are correct. Common errors include: 
    1. Are all the required fields (Project number, Task number) filled out? 
    2. Is the Project and/or Task status active? 
    3. If the Project and Task number are valid, does today’s date fall within the Project and Task dates? 
    4. Does the POETAF combination exist? 
    5. Are you missing the Funding source?  
  2. If you are unsure about the valid POETAF to submit, you can speak with your Fund Manager. If you do not know who your Fund Manager is, speak with your supervisor or Financial Unit Approver  
  3. If you have provided the correct POETAF and cannot submit the form, please check to see if other required fields are missing. If you are still having issues with submitting the form, submit a Services & Support ticket to Logistics

Additional Resources

You may use these links for additional information on POETAF: 

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket