FAQ: POETAF Shipments


The article introduces the role of Logistics: Outbound Shipping, emphasizing its support in facilitating and managing departmental outbound shipments and mailings. It highlights the importance of this logistical service in streamlining the shipping process for various departments.

Essential Information

Q: Does the Mailing Center at The Trove accept POETAFs for outbound shipments?

The Trove is home to the Mailing Center, a full-service postal annex that offers shipping and mailing services to the public, students, and the campus community. As of February 13, 2023, The Trove is no longer accepting departmental outbound shipments using POETAF strings for payment.

Q: How do I complete an outbound shipment using a POETAF string for payment?

For non-hazardous, domestic mail:

For HazMat/Biological/Potential Hazardous Materials and International shipments:


If you need any additional assistance, please email outboundshipping@ucsd.edu.