How to Search for Purchase Orders by Project


This article teaches how to use the Purchase Orders (PO) module in Oracle to query all POs associated with a project, and optionally, task.

Essential Information

Next Steps

Navigate to the Purchase Orders Module

  1. Go here
  2. Click Company Single Sign-On.
  3. Log in with your Active Directory information.
  4. In Procure to Pay, click Purchase Orders.

Navigate to the Search

  1. On the right of the page, click the magnifying glass.
  2. Click Advanced
  3. Once on the Search page, click Advanced.

Add the Search Fields

  1. In Requisitioning BU, select UCSD CAMPUS.
  2. In Add Fields, select Project Number.
  3. Optionally, in Add Fields, select Task Number.

Save the Search

  1. Click Save...
  2. In Name, enter something such as "Purchase Orders by Project."
  3. Optionally, check Set as Default if you would like this to be your default search view.
  4. Click OK


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