UCPath Funding Entry Troubleshooting Guide


This article provides a comprehensive guide for users encountering errors while entering Chartstring data within the Funding entry page. The guide aims to assist users in resolving issues that may arise during the creation or updating of funding for a specific position. It offers step-by-step instructions and tips to effectively troubleshoot common problems encountered during the Chartstring entry process.

Next Steps

If the salary cap worksheet is not available on the Funding Entry page:

If you put in a capped fund and went to Funding Distribution Preview and got an error message that the Earn Code does not = 100%

If you can’t enter a Sponsored Fund in the Default Funding Profile

If combo codes/chartstrings are on the “MCOP/Salary Cap Worksheet,” but NOT on the “Funding Distribution Preview” and vice versa

If you can’t enter a funding entry row that precedes the first effective-dated row

 If the salary cap worksheet does not appear for BW & hourly positions on capped funds

 If payroll is being recorded to a default project in the DOPE and OFC

 If payroll is being recorded to a default project in OFC only and not the DOPE

 If you receive “ earncode …. Is not available in Compensation Snapshot. Enter valid earncode (32001,854)


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