Save Reports With Custom Project Groupings


This article details how to save reports with custom project groupings, and also how to run this report once it has been saved. You should start this customization with a cognos report, and you can choose from options such as the Project Management Dashboard, GL Project Balances, Default Project Payroll and more. 

Next Steps

1. Load a Cognos report that allows you to search for more than one Project or Project-Task.

Examples of reports:

  1. Project Management Dashboard
  2. GL Project Balances
  3. Transaction Details Report
  4. GL-PPM Reconciliation
  5. Default Project Payroll

2. Enter all of the project or project-task numbers you want included on the report into the search box separated by spaces. You may copy and paste a list of projects from Excel to achieve this. Click the Search icon.

3. Click the checkbox for Select All and use the arrow to move all projects into the Choices box.

4. Enter any other needed parameters and click Finish to run the report.

5. Click the carat next to the Save icon at the top of the page, and select ‘Save as report view.’

6. Choose the My content folder (folder icon without a person).

7. Give the report an appropriate name and save it.

How to run your saved report

  1. Navigate here.
  2. Click the My content folder on the left.
  3. Click on the saved report you want to run.
  4. Enter any additional needed prompt values (i.e. dates) and run the report.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here.