Turn Off Wireless on your HP Printer


Some HP printers offer wireless service through Wi-Fi that interfere with the campus wireless network. Follow these steps to turn off wireless service on your HP printer to improve and protect wireless functioning in your area.

Critical Concepts

The recommended steps below have been collected from HP's forums and service manuals. When in doubt, look up your printer on HP's printer support webpage or call your HP service and support line.

Steps to Take

For most HP models

  1. Use the menu to navigate to Setup.
  2. Then select NetworkWireless Radio.
    • On some models, this is towards the bottom of the scrollable menu.
  3. Turn the Wireless Radio OFF.

For HP Photosmart d110

  1. Some models may allow you to press the blue "wireless" image button on the bottom of the front of the printer to turn the light out and service off. You may need to hold the button for 5 seconds to turn out the light.

Image of HP Photosmart printer.  Wireless button located to the right of the power button in the bottom left corner.

If this is not successful, use menu to navigate to SettingsWirelessWireless SettingsDisable WirelessOK.

For HP Laserjet p1102w

  1. Press and hold the "wireless" image button on the left-hand button panel for 5 second to turn the light out and service off.

Image of HP Laserjet printer.  Wireless button located at the top of the button panel on the left-hand side of the printer. 

For HP Photosmart c4780

  1. From the front panel, choose Scan
  2. Scroll up or down to find Networking
  3. Select Networking, then turn off Wireless.

If wireless indicator persists

  1. Shut the printer down. 
  2. Then hold the "wireless" and "cancel" button together while powering the printer back on. 
  3. Wait for all the lights to flash together and then let the buttons go. 

For assistance with HP printers, please contact your HP service representative.  
For general wireless assistance, please contact the ITS Service Desk. You can call us at (858) 246-4357, email us at support@ucsd.edu, or submit a ticket at support.ucsd.edu