Create a Mailing List Where Only Owners and Moderators Can Post


Create a list where only owners and moderators can post.


Critical Concepts

To allow only owners and moderators to post, you must block subscribers and non-subscribers from posting.


Steps to Take

Block non-subscribers

  1. Log in to the list's administration page: with your Active Directory username and password (replace ListName with the actual name of your list. The final character is a lowercase letter 'L' for 'list.')
  2. Find Configuration Categories at the top of the page. Then select Privacy Options > Sender filters
  3. Set generic_nonmember_action to either Reject or Discard. Both prevent the mail from going to the list, but Reject will send a notice to the sender, whereas Discard will not. Do not submit your changes yet, but do stay on this page.

Block Subscribers

There is no direct way to block mail from subscribers, but there is a workaround. You can make all the subscribers moderated, then define what to do with mail from moderated subscribers.

  1. To make all members moderated, go to the top of the Sender Filters page. Select Yes for the default_member_moderation option, so that new members are automatically set to mod status. Submit Your Changes.
  2. If your list already has subscribers, set all current subscribers to mod status. Go to Membership Management. Under Additional Member Tasks, select On to set everyone’s moderation bit and then Submit Your Changes.
  3. If the owners and moderators are also subscribed to the list, change their moderation status. You can do so on the Membership List under Membership Management. Find each owner’s or moderator’s email address and uncheck the mod box. Submit Your Changes before moving on to a new screen.
  4. If the owners or moderators are not subscribed to the list, select Privacy Options > Sender filters and enter their email addresses in the accept_these_nonmembers setting. Submit Your Changes.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the ITS Service Desk at (858) 246-4357