Retrieve Data Using QueryLink


Follow this guide to learn how to retrieve data using QueryLink.  QueryLink is a web-based tool that allows authorized staff to retrieve data from UCSD's Data Warehouse without needing to use or know a programming language.  Data available for querying includes financial, student, and payroll/personal information.  

This guide is only a brief overview of the functions available.  If you would like more detailed information/training, see the online PowerPoint tutorial or sign-up for QueryLink training classes.


Critical Concepts


Steps to Take

1. Select a query model that matches your interests

2. Start the query

3. Take a tour of the query

Some fields require more qualification.

4. Decide how you want the information presented

5. Run a preliminary query

6. Run your query

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket for the Data Integration Services team.