Setting up IOS Mail App for Office 365 Exchange


Find out how to set up the mail app (IOS native mail client) for Office 365 Exchange (Outlook) for iPhones/iPads.

Learn how to delete your Office 365 Exchange account from your mail client.

Steps to Take

  1. Click on the settings icon.


  2. Go to "Mail" within your Settings

    Screenshot: Mail within Settings menu

  3. Select "Accounts"

    Screenshot: Accounts within Mail menu

  4.  Press "Add Account"

    Screenshot: Add Account button in Accounts menu
  5. Pick "Microsoft Exchange"

    Screenshot: List of email account types

  6. Type in your UC San Diego email address. For Description, type "UCSD Exchange." Then, click "Next."

    Screenshot: typed UCSD email address

  7.  There will be a pop up confirming if you'd like to log in. Press "Sign In."

    Screenshot: Sign in confirmation pop up

  8. Sign in using your UCSD credentials. 

    Screenshot: UCSD Login Page

  9. You will be prompted for your Two-Step login.  Find out more about Two-Step Login.

  10. Select Send Me a Push (or other authentication method of your choice. Push is recommended)

    Screenshot: UCSD Duo prompt 

  11. To approve the Push, choose Approve on your Phone.


  12. You can keep default settings. 

    Screenshot: Default Settings 

  13. Open your IOS mail client. Your UC San Diego Email will open. 


  14. Setup complete.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the ITS Service Desk at (858) 246-4357