Use Call Park on Your Analog Desktop Phone


Learn how to use the call park feature on UCSD analog phones.


Critical Concepts

This feature, for analog phones only, allows you to place a call on hold so that it can later be retrieved from the same or another phone. Retrieving a parked call from another phone will not work if the analog phone with the incoming call has activated call diversion busy. (You must hear a busy signal to retrieve the call from another phone).

Note: The information on this page is applicable only to analog phone models at UCSD. You may need to check specific information about your phone and the features available to you.


Steps to Take

Activate the call park feature on your analog phone

  1. With your call on the line, press the R or Lightning Bolt/flash button, or gently depress the hookswitch located under the handset. (The correct method may vary for each analog telephone model.)
  2. Listen for recall dial tone (3 beeps and a dial tone) to confirm this analog feature is working.
  3. Hang up the handset.

Retrieve the call from another phone

  1. Go to another phone, pick up the handset, and dial the number of the phone where the call was placed on call park.
  2. Listen for a busy signal.
  3. Press 8.

Retrieve the call from the same phone

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the ITS Service Desk at (858) 246-4357