Classroom Technology And Equipment


Learn how to request and use technology in UC San Diego classrooms.

General Assignment Classrooms 

The Classroom Details web page provides information about general assignment classroom media systems and room attributes. Find classroom locations and features. Use the Search tab to find a room with the set of features you need.

Equipment Requests

General equipment can include:

Equipment Access

Classroom equipment is available for use 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. seven days a week for the duration of each academic term through finals week.

Specialty Equipment

Order non-standard and specialty equipment: multi-standard VHS players and code-free DVD and Blu-ray Disc players (for media from foreign countries), 16 mm and slide projectors, camcorders, video document cameras, and additional microphones. Some equipment and locations may require a technician for operation and fees may apply.

Order equipment at at least three business days in advance to ensure availability and avoid late order fees.

General Equipment Tips

Before Class Walkthrough

After Every Class Session


Connect to general assignment classroom media systems and the campus network from a user-provided laptop. If your department does not offer a laptop for loan, contact Media Event Support for laptop rental information.

Wireless Network Access

All classrooms offer wireless internet connectivity. Machine registration is required before connecting to the wired UC San Diego network. Learn about connecting to campus network or call the IT Services Service Desk at (858) 246-4357 for assistance.

Laptop Tips

Links To General Classroom Services

Email or, for immediate assistance, call (858) 534-5784. A campus phone can be found at the front of every general assignment classroom and lecture hall. Dial only 45784 from a campus phone.