DocuSign - Adding Fields to a Document


Learn how to add fields to a document in DocuSign.  Fields indicate to your recipients where they should sign, initial or add information in the document. They are like interactive electronic sticky notes on the document.

Once your envelope includes files, recipients, and messages, you add the fields that instruct your signers to provide their signature, initials, or other information. You add a unique set of signing fields for each recipient.

Add Fields View

The Add Fields view has the following basic areas:

         Screenshot: Visual of basic areas described above 

Steps to Take

 How to add fields to a document

  1. Start a new envelope and add documents and recipients as usual, and then click Next.
  2. In the recipients list at the top of the page, select a person to add fields for. Note: The fields you add apply only to the selected recipient and are color-coded to match the recipient's color. You can only add fields for the recipients you designated as signers.
  3. Use the page guide to scroll through the pages and add more fields for your recipient.
  4. To adjust the look, the assigned recipient, or other characteristics of a field, click the field. The Field Properties panel slides in over the page guide. Set the properties as desired.
  5. From the Fields palette at left, click and drag one of the available field types to add it to the active page.
  6. In the page guide at right, select a page you want to tag with fields. The selected page becomes the active page and displays in the center panel.

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