Register a UC San Diego Host Name


Learn how to request and register a or host name for a UC San Diego computer.  Every machine (computer, server, printer, etc.) connected to UC San Diego's network must have an assigned IP address and host name also called a domain name. Use these steps to register your host name (machine) or to change existing names.

In the right place? If the host name does not end in or, see Register a Non-UC San Diego Host Name.

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Review UCSD and department host name policy

  1. Read Registration, Management, and Use of UC San Diego Domain Names: PPM 135-8 (PDF).
    • For a standard UC San Diego host name (ends in or, review sections III.B and III.C.
  2. Ensure you comply with your department's regulations when choosing and registering host names by contacting your system administrator.

Choose your host name

Use these guidelines when choosing an appropriate host name:

Register your host name

If you meet the requirements above, you can either:

For more information, contact the hostmaster.