How to Manually Add Courses to the Annual Schedule Builder (ASB)

Accessing the ASB

The ISA ASB can be accessed at

Steps to Take

You can add courses to the ASB manually, either as an alternative to copying a previous year's schedule, or to make changes to courses copied from a previous year (see KB0033135).

  1. Adjust filters on the page to display the course you want to add (see KB0033161)

  2. Click the "add class" button for the course to add in the appropriate quarter. ( below)
    Screenshot: add course button

    • Use the toggle to select if section codes should be auto-generated ( below)
    • If selecting no, you can manually type the section code of your choice or leave blank to list TBD
    • Select the instruction type. This must match the primary instruction type on the course approval; secondary instruction types are entered later through the Quarterly Schedule Builder (QSB) (see KB0033138) (for example, a traditional lecture-style course would have the lecture component added here and discussion sections added through the QSB). ( below)
    • Enter a subtitle ( below) if applicable
    • Adjust the quarter in which the course will be scheduled, if necessary ( below)
    • Use the toggle to select alternative Subterm options (applies to SOM and SPPS) (⑥ below)
    • If selecting yes, choose the applicable Subterm from drop-down options
    • Enter the department's projected enrollment for the course ( below)
    • Add an administrator note (this field is used for the department to store relevant information; text entered here will not appear on the WebReg listing) ( below)
    • Click "Create Class" to add the course to the annual schedule ( below)
      Screenshot: fields to edit course details

  3. After creating the class, it will appear on the annual schedule builder; all of the information entered on the "Add New Class" window will be displayed. From here you can:
    • Click the "Add Instructor" button to add an instructor (you can also do this through the Quarterly Schedule Builder). ( below)
    • Click the hamburger button for more options ( below)
      Screenshot: Add Instructor Button

  4. Clicking the hamburger button opens a menu with four options. Here you can:
    • View or edit course details on the Class Editor ( below) (see KB0033194)
    • Create a clone of the class (the clone will be created in the same quarter as the original listing) ( below)
    • Add or edit the assigned instructors ( below)
    • Delete the class from the annual schedule ( below)
      Screenshot: Extra course options

Adding a course to the annual schedule does not complete the scheduling process; you must still finalize additional course information through the QSB (see KB0033138).

If you have further questions or concerns, please email us at