Setting up Tableau Filters that Users Can Change - Limited Values


A prompt command can be added to a filter so that the Tableau report consumer can select their own values. The report developer can also limit the values seen by the consumer.

Steps to Follow

  1. Right click on the field from the Data Side Bar and Duplicate the field.

    Tableau filter screenshot thumbnail

  2. Drag the duplicated field to the Filter Cards, select the desired values, and click OK.

    Drag duplicated field screenshot thumbnail

  3. Right Click on the original field and select Show Filter.

    Tableau show filter screenshot thumbnail

    Tableau show filter result screen thumbnail

  4. You can set the filter on the right side of the workbook to show Only Relevant Values and then adjust the filter to show:
    • Multiple Values:

      Tableau only relevant values screenshot thumbnail

    • Single Value (Single Select Prompt):

      Tableau single select prompt screenshot

      Tableau relevant values result screenshot thumbnail