How to use Teams in Canvas for DataHub/AWS Educate


DataHub and AWS Educate both use Canvas groups to create teams that allow students to share resources in their computing environments. There are multiple ways to do this. Once the students are assigned to their groups, changes will be reflected in DataHub and AWS Educate within a few hours.

Steps to Take

Allow Students to Create and Select Groups

If the Canvas course is available to students, the easiest way to set up groups is to create a group set that is configured to let students create groups or add themselves to an existing group.

Note: Teams may not function correctly if your Canvas course has multiple group sets.

  1. As an instructor, follow the instructions to create self sign-up groups in a group set
  2. Direct students to the student guide for creating groups in Canvas

Create Instructor-Managed Groups

If students are not allowed to select their own groups, or if the course is not published to students, you can instead manually create groups in a group set.

Students can then be assigned to groups manually by an instructor or TA, automatically at random, or by importing a CSV file - for example, if students have created groups in another service that you would like to replicate in Canvas.

Add Teaching Assistants to a Group

Canvas only allows students to be group members - it will not allow you to add TAs or the instructor. To provide these users access to resources in a class that uses teams, please request a grader account (if one has not been created already). It will be added to your Canvas course as a student, and can follow the same instructions as students to join groups.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please email