Create a Video Submission Assignment


Have you ever wanted your students to have the option to submit a video as a response to a prompt in Canvas? Because everyone at UC San Diego with active directory credentials can access all of Kaltura's features, your students can create their own videos and use them in your Canvas course.

Below are instructions for instructors on how to create an assignment where students can submit a video as their response.

Critical Concepts

Things to keep in mind:

Steps to Take

The short version of what you need to do in Canvas is to create an "online" submission assignment and be sure that "text entry" is checked. 

  1. Within Canvas, enter the course in which you want to create the assignment.
  2. Click Modules in the course navigation on the left.
  3. Find the module where you want to have the assignment, and click the + (plus) button.
  4. In the window that appears:
    1. Select Assignment from the drop-down menu.
    2. Select [ Create Assignment ] in the list below.
    3. Enter a name for your assignment in the "Assignment Name" field.
    4. Click Add Item.

An annotated screenshot of the "add item to module" window in Canvas.

  1. An annotated screenshot of the "submission type" section of the assignment editor page in Canvas.Click on the assignment you just created.
  2. Click the Edit button near the top of the page.
  3. In the "submission type" drop-down menu, select Online.
  4. In the box that populates, click the checkbox for Text Entry.
  5. Configure anything else you want to about the assignment (points, submission attempts, release date, etc.).
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the screen. (Alternatively, click Save & Publish if you're ready for the assignment to be visible to your students.)

Now you have an assignment where students have the option to embed a video from their "My Media" as a response.

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