Kaltura Troubleshooting: "Access Denied" Error Message


A screenshot of the access denied error message When you click on a Media Gallery, channel, or piece of media, you see a page with an "Access Denied" error message. This can occur both in Canvas and MediaSpace.



We have two different sets of solutions:

For Media Viewers / Students

If you're not the owner of the media you're trying to see (e.g. you're a student trying to watch something in the Media Gallery), try this:

  1. Make sure that you should have access to the media. You probably do if you're a student trying to look at something in the Media Gallery, but it always pays to think about it for a second. If you're trying to look at something in MediaSpace, for example, it's possible someone didn't give you access to this particular piece of media, or the channel in which it resides.
  2. Log out and log back in. Some "access denied" messages are the result of a so-called "stale login." (That is, your Kaltura credentials have expired behind the scenes.) Log out of Canvas or MediaSpace, log back in, and try to visit the page again.
  3. Try another browser. See if you still get the message in a different web browser. Note that Kaltura recommends using Chrome.
  4. Alert the media owner. As mentioned above, this error can almost always be fixed by the media owner by either unpublishing and republishing the media, or providing you the appropriate access. If possible, send them the link to this troubleshooting page.

For Media Owners / Instructors

It's possible that you're seeing this error, or you're hearing from viewers that they can't access your media. If so, attempt the solutions below. 

  1. Unpublish and re-publish the media. If applicable, remove the media from Media Gallery or channel and then re-publish it. Here are the relevant knowledge base articles:
  2. Change the metadata. It may seem strange, but sometimes changing the metadata (title, description, etc.) for a video entry can fix the "access denied" error.
In CanvasIn MediaSpace
  1. Log into Canvas.
    1. Go to https://canvas.ucsd.edu
    2. Enter your active directory credentials.
  2. Within Canvas, click My Media in the left navigation.
  1. Log into MediaSpace.
    1. Go to https://mediaspace.ucsd.edu
    2. Click the profile icon at the top right of the page and select Login.
    3. Enter your active directory credentials.
  2. Click the profile icon again and select My Media.
    1. Click the pencil icon on the row of the video in question.
    2. Ensure the Details tab is selected below the video.
    3. Make a minor change to the name of your video. (For example, add a character to the end of the video title.)
    4. Click Save.
    5. If desired, undo the change you made. Be sure to click Save again if you do.
    6. Check the page again and see if you still encounter the error. If you do, try the next solution.
  1. Replace the video with itself. If nothing else works - and if you have some time until your video needs to be available to viewers, try replacing the video with a copy of the video itself. It may sound a little odd, but it might repair any corruption to the source file that may have occurred after uploading.
    1. First download the source file for the video: Download Your Kaltura Video.
    2. Then replace the video with its own source: Replace a Kaltura Video

If none of these solutions work for you, send an email to kaltura@ucsd.edu and give us as much information as you can, such as the name of the video, where the error occurs, etc.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, feel free to contact us at kaltura@ucsd.edu.