Approval Delegation


A delegate nomination system is available in ServiceNow to help user manage work when they are unable to perform their normal approval duties.

When to Assign a Delegate

If you are in charge of one or more approvals and expect time away from the office then consider designating your approval duties to another party. This is the least intrusive way to keep approvals moving forward when an approver is not available. No changes to a service or offering record are needed and there is no group to management. Delegates are time bound - outside of a defined period of time a delegate cannot approve for you. The following are some examples of when delegating your approval duties is a good idea:

Any time an approver is not available, for any reason, for a defined period of time is a good time to consider approval delegation.

Defining a Delegate: Steps to Take

  1. Log in to ServiceNow.
  2. Select your profile.

    Profile being selected under the user menu button dropdown
  3. Delegates tab will be visible below Related Links section in your profile along with other tabs.
  4. Select the Delegates - this will display a New button.

  5. Select New and complete all the required fields and select options indicated - most important is the Delegate field.

    Delegate form with important fields highlighted in yellow
  6. The choices above are essential for establishing a delegate as well as ensuring they are notified when an approval for you has been generated.  Assignments or Meeting invitations are available should that be desirable.

  7. Once the highlighted fields are complete select Submit.  Once Submit is selected a delegate will be in effect from times designated in Starts and Ends.




Transferring Approvals for a RITM

Use the Request to Transfer Approvals form to request for a RITM to be re-assigned to a different user. Do this if all the following apply:

Upon submission the, the ITS ServiceNow team will review the request and if approved, the submitter and new approver will be notified.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please email