How to Copy the Annual Schedule from a Previous Year

Accessing the Annual Schedule Builder (ASB)

The ISA ASB can be accessed at

Steps to Take

NOTE: This can only be done if the current Annual Schedule Builder (ASB) is completely blank. It cannot be undone. If you need to make changes (after you copy a previous year), you will need to do manual updates (see KB0033136). The copy will include the Summer Quarter following the academic year.

  1. Click on the “Copy schedule from a previous year” button. ( below)
    Screenshot: fields for annual schedule builder

  2. Select the year that you would like to copy, which will bring up a list of the courses. ( below)
    Screenshot: picking year to copy from

    • If you need to go back one step and choose a different year, click on the “Change year” button. ( below)
      Screenshot: Copy Schedule options and fields

  3. Once you have the right year chosen, select your desired copying options:
    • Copy the course instructors ( above)
    • Copy the non-primary class components ( above)
    • Copy the scheduled days and times ( above)
    • Copy the class component locations (⑦ above)
    • Copy the section codes ( above)
    • Select/deselect individual courses to copy or leave all the courses selected to copy all ( above)

  4. Click the “Copy selected XXXX-XX classes to XXXX-XX” button. ( below)
    Screenshot: how to select course to copy

If you have further questions or concerns, please email us at