Deleting Office 365 Exchange Account from IOS Mail App


The following are instructions on how to delete your Office 365 Exchange (Outlook) account from the iOS Native mail client (the mail app on iPhone/iPad).  

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

  1. Go to your settings 

    Screenshot: Settings Icon from IPhone

  2. Go to “Mail” 

    screenshot: Settings menu with mail circled

  3. Find “Accounts”

    Screenshot: Mail menu with Accounts circled

  4. Your account should be listed under “Exchange.” Click on “Exchange.”

    Screenshot: List of existing Accounts

  5. Press “Delete Account.” 

    Screenshot: Delete Account button

    Screenshot: Second delete account button

  6. Your account should now be deleted. You can confirm this by going back to your list of accounts.

    Screenshot: Accounts list with Exchange gone.

If you need to add your account again, try our article: Setting up IOS Mail App for Office 365 Exchange

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