Inserting & Formatting Images


Instructions for naming, inserting, and modifying images on Knowledge Base articles.  

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Naming Image File

Before uploading image, rename the image file on your computer following these naming conventions:

Attaching Image

  1. Within article, place cursor where you would like image to appear
  2. On the toolbar, click the insert/edit image icon
  3. Keep Type Attachment selected
  4. Enter Tooltip text for when user hovers over image
    • Tooltip should be a brief description of title of image
  5. Enter Alt Text
    • Alt text should effectively replace image - not just a description
    • If image an important part of the instructions, provide greater details
      • Example: Classroom wall box is unlocked when combination lock digits are arranged horizontally
    • If image is just an additional aid for text, only need to enter brief alt text
      • Example: Screenshot: Edit button in top-right corner
  6. Enter In Border Thickness, enter 1 (for most images)
    • Images with defined edges or images of buttons may not need additional border - use your best judgement
  7. Click Save

Editing Image

Selecting the image to modify it can be tricky.  The most reliable way to select the image is to put your pointer over the image, press and hold down mouse button, and drag it slightly.  This should select image and the Insert/Modify image button will highlight.

  1. Click image button on the editor toolbar.  Insert/Modify Image window will display with selected image.
  2. From here, you can edit text, layout, spacing, and size.
    • When editing size, only specify size along one dimension - make sure to erase other dimension.  Editor will automatically set the other dimension to scale the image appropriately and avoid distorting image. 
For further clarifications and assistance with creating/modifying KBAs, please contact the ITS Service Desk at or (858)246-4357