SAH-StudentStatsPerTerm-View & SAH-StudentStatsPerTermCensus-View Quick Start Guide



Critical Concepts

Historical records of students (Term based information) joined with SAH-Demographic-View.

Should only be one row per student per term.

This view contains a lot of useful data, users should start here when building a new report.


Expected Null Values

Major/Minor for each Term

StudentTerm CodePrimary Major Secondary MajorPrimary MinorSecondary Minor
Student 1FA20Primary Major 1Secondary Major 1  
Student 1WI21Primary Major 1 Primary Minor 1 
Student 2FA20Primary Major 1 Primary Minor 1 
Student 2WI21Primary Major 1Secondary Major 1Primary Minor1 



FolderDescriptionExample Fields 

Term Based Graduate Primary Major

Shows primary degree and major information of Graduate level students.Degree Type / Primary Major / Primary Major Code / Major Department / Major Department ID

Term Based Measures

Count of student or class section where student received a  grade of D, F or W value for the selected Term.  Limited to Letter Grade Option only.Attempted Units Term / DFW Count Term / Sections Attempted Count Term

Term Based Student

Includes information on applicants, such as decision and term. Also includes student level (FR, SO, JR...) and if they are enrolled or registered.Applicant Decision / Ethnicity EDI Code / Household Income Level Group / Registration Status / Student Level

Term Based Student Contact

Has student home address's, along with their region or code.Permanent Address Home

Term Based Student Flag Measures

Field value is an integer, only includes a count of the folder description.Graduate Primary Major is Self Supporting Count

Term Based Student Flags

Field Value is either Yes or No.Enrolled At Census Date / Holds Financial for Term Flag

Term Based UG Primary Major

Includes only Undergraduate Primary Major information.UG Primary Degree Type / UG Primary Major Code / UG Major Department 

Term Based UG Primary Minor

Includes only Undergraduate Primary Minor information.UG Primary Minor / UG Primary Minor Code

Term Based UG Secondary Major

Includes only Undergraduate Secondary Major information.UG Secondary Degree Type / UG Secondary Major Code / UG Secondary Major Department

Term Based UG Secondary Minor

Includes only Undergraduate Secondary Minor information.UG Secondary Minor / UG Secondary Minor Code

Term Cumulative Measures

Number of units, sections and GPA attempted, passed or transferred up to the current term. Attempted Units Term Cumulative / Passed Units Term Cumulative

Term Set - Student Stats per Term

This folder should always be the same. The data in these fields are Terms themselves.Example Row: (Fall Qtr 2020, FA20, 5110, Yes, Fall Qtr, 2020-2021, 2020)Screen shot: Term Set fields


Steps to Take

Key Fields to Filter On

  1. Registered or Enrolled Registration Status Current (Current Demographics)
  2. Registered or Enrolled Registration Status (Per Term Demographics)


Granularity is the scale or level of detail present in a set of data.  It identifies where levels of uniqueness exists in the data.  The data lives in the view at the lowest level, but each BI tool totals the levels differently.

Note: The Level of Detail (LOD) calculations listed here for Tableau developers are a baseline and do not necessary include all of the LOD equations needed for your report.

FolderMeasuresKey(Uniquness / Group By)
All Demographic Measure FoldersAll fields in folderStudent
{FIXED[Student PID]:MIN([Any Field Name])}
Term Based Measures
Term Based Student Flag Measures
Term Cumulative Meaasures
All fields in folderStudent PID + Term ID
No LOD Needed


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