Cognos: How to Schedule Report Distribution


A report developer can schedule a report to run and have the output emailed. By default, the email will look like it came directly from that report developer's email account. You can achieve a more professional email by setting up a service account with an appropriate name (ex: and scheduling your reports to distribute from the team email.

Steps to Take

  1. Log into Cognos Production and navigate to the report.
  2. Hover over the report name to highlight the vertical triple dots.
  3. Click on the vertical triple dots and select Properties.

    Screenshot: Where to find Properties menu on IBM Cognos Analytics

  4. Select Schedule.
  5. Click Create schedule.

    Screenshot: Create Schedule button

  6. Set up Schedule.
    1. Frequency Type: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly
    2. Frequency Repeat every: Allows you to skip days, weeks, months or years.
    3. Frequency Daily time interval: Only needed if report is running multiple times a day.
    4. Period: Set start date and/or end date
    5. Advanced: Not needed.

      Screenshot: Schedule fields
  7. Set up Options.
    1. Format: Select one or more
    2. Delivery:
      1. Save report will save to Cognos server, not a desktop
      2. Save as report view will create a new view (linked copy) of the report
      3. Save report as an external file will save the file to a specific location set up by ITS-AP
      4. Send report by email will send a link to the report or an attachment > Edit Details
        1. Enter full email address for individuals, groups or teams for best results. Can also a CC and BCC email addresses.
        2. Subject can be modified
        3. Message can be added with formatting.
        4. Best Practice: Include link only. The audience will be prompted for their username and password, report will remain behind the UCSD firewall.

          Screenshot: Save report by email page and fields

  8. Set up Prompts: Will only populate if there are prompts on the report.
  9. Choose Save
  10. Schedule will now display on the Schedule tab and can be disabled, edited or deleted.
    Note: Only 1 schedule can be created per report. To create additional schedule you can create report views and schedule the views.

Service Account

  1. Request the service account:
    1. Request an Active Directory account to use as the service account from
    2. Give the report manager(s) "Full Access" and "Send As" permissions to the service account mailbox.
  2. Add the service account to your report developer AD group.
  3. Log in to Cognos using the service account credentials.
  4. Create a new or modify an existing report schedule.

The report will now be distributed as from the service account and recipients of the reports will be able to reply to the email received.

Report Developers will have access to the service account’s mailbox from their Outlook and be able to reply as the service account if a follow up is needed.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit an email to, which will create a ticket.