Scheduling Events Through Google Apps For Instructors


Instructors can schedule due dates and events in the Google Calendar as well as send invitations to the Google Group. Students can then add the calendar reminder to their own calendars or check the calendar in Google Apps.

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Scheduling an Event

  1. Click the calendar icon
    google calendar logo
  2. Click Create
    create button
  3. Type your event title.
  4. Enter the date and time of the event.
  5. Enter the location.
  6. Add an event description.
  7. In the Add Guests field, find your Google Group (class roster) by typing "crs-". Select your class from the list.
  8. Manage your guests' permissions by selecting modify event, invite others, or see guest list under Guests can.
  9. Click Save
    save button
    google calendar screen shot

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the ITS Service Desk at (858) 246-4357