CMS: Creating a New Folder or Page for the Website


Learn how to create new pages and folders in the campus CMS.

Steps to Take

When you need to create a new page, you can either create a new page from a blank template, or you can copy an existing page and then edit it with new content.

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Create the new folder or page

In web hierarchy

  1. Drill down to the folder where you want the new page or folder to appear. The page will be created in this location by default.
  2. From the menu bar, select Add Content / Page - "type" or Folder
  3. If you are creating a page, choose an appropriate template.
    • Available templates will depend on what the site manager has made available.
      Add Content screenshot
  4. Enter the Name and Metadata for your new page or folder.
  5. Complete any content fields as needed.
  6. Click Save & Preview
  7. When you create a new page, it will automatically save in your drafts queue and can't be published until you click the Submit button.
    1. You can access your drafts from My Content in the top black navigation bar.
    2. Once the new page is in the site hierarchy, e.g., /Blink/finance/cash, it can be published at any time.
      1. Some sites are published every weekend (Blink and TritonLink)
      2. Any CMS site can be published by any user with access to that site. If you don't want a new page published, you need to disable it from publishing.

In Draft section

Create the new page in a draft folder that is disabled from publishing and indexing (it won't show up in any site navigation).

Naming the Page

You will need a system name and a title for your page.